One-on-One Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

Iridology Assessment, Herbs, Mindfulness Tools, and Plant Power

Hi, welcome to the next step on your wellness journey!


An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is your guide in reconnecting the benefits of; healthy food choices and responsible lifestyle choices to enable you to move closer to your highest well-being.


All 1-on-1 programs offer space and guidance to set and reach realistic goals tailored to you with what works best for your body and lifestyle as the guide. Each program supports change through the integration of plant-based nutrition practices, sustainable values, intuitive eating, movement, and breathwork. This tailored approach meets you where you are allowing you to gain new skills and explore new horizons with a coach as a safety net.

Tabitha offers monthly programs and individual sessions depending on what works best for you and your health goals.

We work together to:

  • Establish diet and lifestyle goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them
  • Become more confident in your ability to nourish yourself and others
  • Explore what makes you an individual and which foods best benefit your unique body and way of living
  • Discover practices to balance your time for consistent self-care
  • Explore digestive discomfort, potential food allergies and break down cravings to achieve your optimal balanced diet on and off the plate
  • Receive assistance while you navigate new vegan or vegetarian challenges

Changes you may experience while we work together:

  • Better digestion
  • Clearer mind
  • More energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Elevated mood
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Balanced cravings
  • Save money at the grocery

Tabitha will:

  • Be a present, compassionate, intuitive, and knowledgeable integrative nutrition health coach.
  • Utilize Iridology to help create lasting holistic nutrition goals.
  • Hold you accountable for the goals we have set together.
  • Be an active listener without judgment.
  • Provide a secure and safe space where your privacy is protected.
  • Help discover space and time for growth.

Individual Session

This session is an opportunity for the busy person seeking guidance on one specific health issue or goal but can not commit to a full program at this time OR you are a former client with a new challenge. Our first meeting, we will assess your iris and for follow-up meetings, we will explore your goal map and adjust to achieve lasting results.


Sign up and stay up to date on all new happenings. New group workshops available in the future.

Plant-Powered Monthly Program

A health coach is invested in your success as you take intentional, incremental leaps in your life. In this program, we will work together to establish what a healthy plant-based diet and sustainable lifestyle can be with your bio-individuality in mind. Throughout the program, you will be held accountable for your intentions and commitments, while being given the support and guidance needed to take incremental, meaningful steps toward your goals. By making informed, sustainable food and lifestyle choices, we can significantly contribute to the world around us.

With an Integrative Nutrition health coach by your side, you can go deeper within yourself and discover your true health journey goals. Invest in yourself!

This program might be great for you if you:

  • Are on your path to personal development
  • Are curious and ready to learn more about yourself
  • Are ready to explore new foods and new ways of relating to food
  • Want guidance while exploring and establishing healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices
  • Are ready to take deliberate steps towards incorporating plant-based foods more regularly

Mostly Plant-Powered Monthly Program

We will work together to establish what a balanced diet and sustainable lifestyle might be with your bio-individuality in mind. While similar to the Plant-Powered Program, this program is open to anyone looking to add more vegetables and sustainable practices to their diet and lifestyle while mindfully incorporating animal proteins. Together we will discover ways of interacting with your local farm community to access the best and most cost-effective animal proteins and dairy products available near you.


If you are looking to save money at the grocery, connect with your farming community, and learn balanced food & lifestyle practices, this program is for you. With an Integrative Nutrition health coach by your side, you can go deeper within yourself and discover your true health journey goals. Invest in yourself!

Group Classes

Health tips and guidance for the busy professional. Please contact me for corporate and group classes.

Women’s Collective

Katy Troy and Tabitha Story are holistic self-development health coaches that want to engage and shift the perspective about menopause. What are you craving?

Heal your relationship with food with an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

“Change your habits, change your life.” – Michelle Cardimen

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Earthly Nutrition with Tabitha Story is therapeutic and complementary to medical and other alternative healthcare.
Tabitha does not diagnose or cure. Nor is Earthly Nutrition intended to replace or substitute the care of your medical provider.

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